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                             2014 Whitetail Deer hunt 

 We offer semi-guided KANSAS WHITETAIL HUNTING with a great population of Trophy Bucks available. Our deer hunts are 5 day semi-guided hunts, upon arrival I will provide you with aerial photos of our properties and road maps of our entire area.  I will also give you a tour of our properties giving you information on bedding areas, feeding zones and other pertinent information.  We have tree stands possisioned near several of our maintained food plots consisting of clover and turnips.  You will be the only ones hunting on the properties. We also have customized hunts if want to change the amount of days, etc.  Call for these prices and arrangements.

 Kansas Whitetail Deer hunting permits: Drawing deadline is April 30,2014. Names will be released in July, 2014.

  • Kansas deer season: Youth & Disabled                  Sept 6-14
  •                                 Regular Archery season        Sept 15-Dec 31
  •                                 Muzzleloader                      Sept 15-Sept 28
  • Regular Archery Rates:
  • Rates:   5 day Semi-guided hunt           $1,500.00
  • Includes        6 nights lodging (see lodging photos) , with tour of exclusive hunting area and aerial photo maps. This doesn't include license o
  • or tag.


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