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Our accomodations are at Vintage Charm Guesthouse 

Archery Rates

$1,700.00 per person with lodging

7 day hunt (Semi-guided)

$1,500.00 per person with lodging

5 day hunt (Semi-guided)

This does not include license or tags

Includes-Maps of land,Hunting stands,Exclusive access to hunting area,lodging

 Muzzle Loading Rates

$1,300.00 per person with lodging

5 day hunt (Semi-guided)

This does not include license or tags

Includes-Maps of land,Hunting stands,Exclusive access to hunting area,lodging

Rifle Rates

$2,500.00 per person with lodging

7 day hunt (Semi-guided)

This does not include license or tags

Spring  & Fall Turkey Rates

$600.00 per person - 3 day (semi-guided hunt )

This does not include license or tags

Includes-Maps of land,Hunting stands,Exclusive access to hunting area,lodging

Predator Hunts

Coyote and Bobcat

$150.00 per person with lodging (Semi-guided)

This does not include license and tags

Pheasant Hunts

$150.00 per person with lodging (Semi-guided)

This does not include license and tags

All hunts have a 50% deposit down and is non refundable.

                Check out our accomodations at Vintage Charm Guesthouse

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