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                                   2013 Turkey hunt 

 We offer semi-guided KANSAS TURKEY  HUNTING with a great population of turkeys available. Our turkey hunts are 3 day semi-guided hunts, upon arrival I will provide you with aerial photos of our properties and road maps of our entire area.  A tour of our properties is provided with information on roosting sites, strutting zones and other pertinent information.  You will be the only ones hunting on the properties.

 Kansas turkey hunting permits: Turkey permits are available over the counter.

  • Kansas turkey seasons: Our spring season-  Youth & Archery    April 1 - April 9 
  •                                                             Regular season        April 10- May 31

Kansas turkey species: Rio's,Eastern & Hybrids

  • Rates:   3 day Semi-guided hunt           $600.00  
  • Includes        4 nights lodging (see lodging photos) , with tour of exclusive hunting area and aerial photo maps. 2 bird limit        This doesn't include license or turkey permit 

2008-4 turkeys taken in 1 hour.

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